Race 9 - 4/10-2001

   We have moved to a bigger space.
Our new raceing buddys had a space that we could use at the evning at there work.
  At this point we have 3-4 of the new Mercedes cars. Not everyone was here today.
  Anyone got a paperbasket?
     The nice thing about this space is that we can stand allaround the track. So there is always someone that can flip your car over if it would end up on the roof.
Workbench. Yeah, yeah yeah, it's guys working here. Therefor the babe. I dont mind.
  Had to get a new toolcase for all my shit. Had to put some stickers on it.
  Rickard got the first F1 car. :)
Dont think they started to sell them yet, but he got the demo ex. Hehehe...
  The floor is OK. It's alittle bumpy. But that is ok, it's just more tricky to race.