Race 8 - 20/9-2001

Race Movie - 1 Normal race, 3 laps  
Race Movie - 2 Normal race, 3 laps  
New Mercedes Body - Movie Rickard got the new Mercedes car today  

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We "recuted" some more fun people today. Totaly we was 8 cars that raced at the same time.
  Time to build up the track
  I have no ide
     Thomas is pinning down the pipes. We use about one roll of silver tape each time
Run Forest run!
  The gray/silver cars looks damn nice.
  The new Mercedes body feels to have alot more thicker plastic, witch is nice. Probly not going to break as easy
  Rickard's banana case :) Get cars for $1000 and a case to transport it in from Chikita
  The new Mercedes
  Rickard allways have all extra things you can get :)
  Mercedes car, with wide tires back, and wider front.
  The red front "plastic" is two in. You get two sets of 2in if you buy this set. One is 4 degres and one is 6 degres
  The new Mercedes body
  Roger making hole's in the pipes
  Everyone can help
  I have no ide...
  No shoe's on the track
  Tool case
  Well, I guess you all are use to this scen. Thomas have to fix something
  Start your engins
  Red viper have to back up a bit
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Geeks in acction
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Nerds in acction
  Rickard holding the antenna over the track so everyones car get confused when we drive by him
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Cource overview
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Race cource
  Putte fusk's bag of toys.
  Mercedes stuck in the silver tape
  Red viper have fliped over the railing
  Thomas having problems as usual. When we where this many and standing all in a row, the cars behaved strange sometimes. For no reson it could turn hard left.
  No more beer for you!
  Game on!
  Still going strong