How to make the perfect milkshake

OK, so you like milkshake.

Forget the damn McDonalds milkshake! If you like milkshake, here is the perfect recipe.

Start by getting a blender.

This recipe is for 2-3 people.
Any vanilla ice cream will do.
Put in about 1 liter of ice cream in to the blender.
I guess any kind of milk will do, I took this kind.
Put in about 2 deceliters to start with. We can add more later if it gets to thik.
I love rum especially the dark rum, so thats what Im going to use. I guess you can add what ever kind of boos you like, but I cant imagine what a Gin milkshake would taste like...

Put in as much as you like. I suggest you start with little and add more later on if it not as tasty as you like.
I put in about 0.5 deceliter.
Everything in place.
Put the lid on.
Fire up the blender.
This is good...

If you dont get this consistency you have to little milk. Sometimes I had to little milk in and what happends then is that the blender cant mix the ice cream, you probly end up poking down the ice cream with a spoon.
This is even better. When you get an "tornado" in the blender you know everything is mixed well.
Get some nice tall glasses
Pour in the milkshake.
Get some nice straw.
Well, I can only say that it's hard to go back to anything eals after this one.