Midsummer 2002 at Yxlan
So this midsummer we spent at Yxlan. at Erik's and Lotta's summer house.

Ferry that took us to and from Yxlan
This is Maris
Maria sipping on here first cider
Peter and Suzzi singing nubbe songs
Classic lunch, pickled herring, sour cream, potatos, onion, chive, crispbread with cheese, beer and snaps.
Dessert, strawberry's and icecream...
Still dessert
Jonas and his girl Elisabet and me.
After lunch we played some games. This is Kubb.
Jonas shoot's beer can's
Peter videotaping
Boule game on.
When it rained we played some cards.
Boule game on again.
More cards
Barbecue in the evning. Peter had a huge stake that took like an houer to grill.
Grilling crew...
The clouds came and whent. It did rain, so it was a classic Swedish midsummer.
There where hundreds of this tiny frogs in the grass, so when you walked the whole lawn jumped.