Microscope 3 - Blood
This is Peter. It's the dude I got the microscope from. =)
Me trying to see some germ, Peter is a dentist, so we took a q-tip and draged over my teeth. I was hoping to see some things moving around, and we saw one or two of them, but they was very small even in X240.
So I poked my finger with a needle and got some blood insted.
This is red blood corpuscles.
This is the same red blood corpuscles but the day after. They are starting to look more like stars than round blood corpuscles.
Did some more experiments with blood.
I have no ide what this is. I can only hope that it did not come from my blood.
Same as above in X240
I like this type of pictures.
I dont know if the long thing there came from my blood or if it's in the glass.
Same with this one. Dont know what it is.
This is cool. The red spot there, almost dont have any blood corpuscles in it that I can see. ??
Same as above in X240
Get diffrent results when I look depending on how I put the blood on the glass.
I have no ide what that black stuff is. But it does not look good. ?
Here are more black stuff.
Same as above in X240
This is so very cool, If you dident see this picture here and I said it was the planet Mars... You would beleve me...
More cool pictures.
I like. Lets say it's a artery in my arm... It's not, but it could be =)