Microscope 2
So I have been playing around with my new toy.
First of all I have to say that it's hard to get nice pictures. Im holding my digital-cam in the ocular...
This is the ink dottor from a normal magazine. Im not sure, but it could be 150 or 300 DPI.

This is in magnification x240 times.
This is in magnification x60 times.
This is in magnification x18 times
This is cool, it's hard to see here, but when I look through the microscope I get a stereo view so I can see the depth, and I can see the hight of the green coating around the soldering points.

It's an harddrive controler.
This is the head of a harddisk.

Same head in x60
x240, but it's so narrow focus here so it's hard to deside what to focus on.
Put my fingerprint on the harddisk. x18
I guess that the white dotts are dust or fat

Cut open a Swedish snuff, the brown stuff is tobaco.
This is a diamond drill unused.
Same one but used.
Scalpel x18
Draged the scalpel over my finger. x18
Skin particles x60.