Graupner Micro-Dancer

When I saw this little plane I just had to get it and test it.

It's an two engine electric air plane. It have no rudders, you controle the plane just with the engine speed.
In the package follows a simple radio.

Push the stick up for both motors going full speed. Left for left and right for right.
There are a switch on the side so you can change the full speed ahead to only work with the button. If yoyu do this the stick dont work at all except for right and left.
Small battery is also included. Good for about 2 minuters of flight.
To charge the battery, you simply put it in the radio and it will be fully charged in ~1-2 minuters.
You also get two extra propellers and a "tripod" in the package.
I did try it out just an houer after getting it, but I was indoors. I think I have to be where I have more space, because I did only fly in to the wall.