LKSAB IRL - Sqoerk & McSnow Tour - 21/4 - 4/5-2003

Sqoerk & McSnow are ready to start there journey from Germany up through Denmark and in to Sweden in there seartch for elks, deers and beers.
Lellinge, that sounds like something we say around midsummer. Now we take the Lellinge.
Starting to approach
OK, I heard the campingcar was big, but a basketball court...
Hey, we have water in the taps here in Sweden =)
Camping dinner... Fishsticks and ??? Snowballs?
First stop is at Torekov to met Magellan.
Don drove over from Helsingborg.
Dons babe, Sara.
Second stop in Kalmar
Oberg bros
Get a haircut DAMN IT
Oberg2 got some ants in his pants again.
From left to right McSnow, Sqoerk, Oberg2, Oberg, DrWize.
It does not look like Sqoerk is likeing his samon. You should have taken the biff.
This is what Sqoerk is doing when McSnow goes to bed.
OK, visit the harbour.
McSnow and Sqoerk doing Kalmar...
For a bunch of dudes going on a drinking trip through Sweden there is not many babe pics... Think I have to fix that when they come up to Stockholm... =)
Sege and Sqoerk
29/4-2003 A new day
And so they landed in Stockholm
Dinner at Kungshallen. It's a place where maby 20 diffrent restaurantes are located in the same building. We all took Indian food.

Sqoerk had to take the most spicy one... Hehehe...
Bjorn meet up with us.
We when to a place called Strix for beers.
Location of Strix
Sqoerk and McSnow tought the beer they served first tasted like water, so we orded this kind instead.
Picked out of a horror movie...
Nice to drink beer out of a nice glass for a change.
Sqoerk was complaining about the rain and his shos with hole in them.
Location of the campingsite. Bredäng
30/4-2003 A new day
I invited Sqoerk & McSnow over for lunch.
Journeyman also came along.
Made spagetti bolognes.
McSnow wanted to check some things on the net, they tought the internet cafe was to slow.. =)
Trip back in to town.
This is the only place in Sweden where you can buy boos, wine, and strong beer.
We picked up Marco in town.
Whent back to there house-truck for some refrechments..
This evening was something that we in Sweden call Valborg. We lit this huge fires. Stand around and look at them and drink beers or boos.
This is the smallest Valborg fire I ever seen. They are normaly like 20 meters in diameter, but I guess thats not possible in the middle of the city.
Yes we had beer with us.
It was damn hot...
This girl was talking to us for some time. I dont know if she realy got what we was doing with all this SETI@Home things...
OK, lets leave the fire and go to some pub.
What a beautiful picture =)
Marcos girlfriend came and joined us.
Marcos GF and McSnow
So very gooood.
Sqoerk and McSnow made there own t-shirts, because they missed the time we did our last large order.
Last desperat atempt to get in at a bar for that last beer... Did not go so well, but now the day after when the headake have started to fade, I think it was for the best.
Marco with GF.
Subway, on our way home.
2/5-2003 A new day
Meet up with the dudes for some coffey.
Then we walked all over town, because Sqoerk wanted to look at shoes.
Swedish goverment in the bakground.
We walk all the way down to the south parts.
And in to another cafe for some more coffey.
Journeyman meet up with us, and took over. I had to say goodbye!