LKSAB IRL in Gothenburg - 31/8-1/9-2002

Here we go again. My SETI@Home team gather for a new IRL party in Gothenburg.

We where 4 people going down from Stockholm to Gothenburg, and meet up with two other members. To bad not more people could join in...

Total 46x2=92 miles + some misstakes...
This is in the middel of Stockholm and Gothenburg, is started to rain so hard that we almost had to stop.
Give me food...
Golden seagul had to bring us food.
Jukka and Clack meet us at a local gas station. Lucky us, because there is no way in hell that we would have found his place by our selfs.
Finaly there.
Took about 3 minuters and we all had a beer in our hand.

It's Jukkas wife in the back.
A neighbour to Jukka came and visit.
Jukka and Terminator in pink.
Taxi ride from Jukkas place to Liseberg.
YES! Liseberg at last.
We where starving so we whent in at a restaurant called Tyrolen. They played music that you could not sit still to.
This kind of music...
Give us beer damn it!
Smack-ass took this picture.
Someone have to go and wee-wee.
The Winerscnitzel was out of the menu, so we all ended up with biff.
I think the found some Looove...
5-Kamp is about to begin.
Stady, aim, and shoot!
Phu, I hit 47. =)
The cars is moving back and forth, and we are supose to hit the water in the hole at the back.
This is the game where Jukka takes down 48 of thos damn figures.
We had alot of fun!
This was Jukkas kind of game.
Not Journeyman game... Not my game ether...
This is the final scoor after the 5-kamp.

When we summed up the numbers saturday night I won, but now when I take a closer look I see that Jukka won and I came second.
Jukka and Clack playing shuffle board.
Jukka is focused like hell!
... and SMACK!
The little guy in the videogame is flying all over the room and hits the wall at the back of the bar.
Daz give it a shoot to.
Clack trying out a skateboard game.
I guess nice asses need beer to.
No hes not that drunk. He just looks like that...
Up to now we have not been on any rides so we wanted to go for the biggest of them all.
Hang Over!
So we started to queue for that ride.
And when we queue'ed we took the chance to take some nice pictures.
Kapoff! Tripple smack-ass
Finaly after 30 minuters, next up is me and Jukka.

We wanted to ride in the front seat, so we waited and waited.
Me and Jukka all shaky after the asum ride. I was planing of holding my digital camera and make a movie, but lucky me I dident try that. All strength was going to hold on. DAMN!
I took a picture of the screen that they have after the ride is done, where you can buy a photo. This is Journeyman and JonasN
Journeyman is kissing the ground after the ride.
Jukka played on a toy wheel and won a bear for his daughter.
After Liseberg we whent up in one of the hotels across the street. This is Liseberg as night.
Was to much people at the skybar so we whent downstairs.
Journeyman was tring to get a new member, but I think he was to drunk to understand anything that Journeyman said.
Back at Jukkas place, we had to have some night food.
Meatballs and sausage, beer and Sambucka. Daz and Jukka did hold the Sambucka in there mouths and lit it on fire.
We dident think that we got that many butts shoots so Jukka fixed that. Dont know if it's German porn tv ?
I guess this is me in the morning. Im sleeping!
Jukkas parrot.
Jukkas 15 year old crazy cat.
I had my soft air gun with me so we played alittle with that one in the morning.
Jukka pulls a blowpipe out of his closet, and we have fun with that.
Jukka served a nice breakfast!
This is Jukkas sauna. He built it all by him self. And a damn nice one to!
Inside, plenty of room.
Jukkas house.
Like the geeks that we are, we had to look under the hud.
When we left Gothenburg we saw the new ride that Liseberg is building. A classic mountinride.
Daz is a little tired after a hard weekend...
We have to stop.
-I have to go wee-wee.
Car accident ahead.
Two bikes and one car we think.
Had to stop for food, and a little fun...
DAMN nice sitting in the grass for a breake after driving.
Final smack-ass this weekend at Statoil.