Plotter 1

- Plotter 1

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- DivX 5.02

OK, so I wanted to try and build something that make something of it own. This is the result of that.

It's basicly a plotter that can move in two directions X and Z.
But I had to make it more interesting, so instead of just making it go back and forth, I put in a light destector that "see" the black lines that the pen is drawing.

I put a rule on the light detector to change the direction of the Z axle at a random time betwine 0.1 - 2 seconds.
I also put in detector at the end of each tracks end so the sled would not go outside its track.
It's a bit tricky then you have 4 ends of track and only two pressure sensors. But this solution make it works...
...The black piston is pushing this thing...
....That push this pressure sensors.
Have the same solution on the small sled.
I dident have that many long cables that I needed so I came up with this solution.
Light sensor
Here is the first test I did. The pen wasent haveing it's weight on, so it dident touch the paper all the time.
Here are the second test run.
This is under it's building stage, had to do some modifications after this.