Trip to Crete - 2-16/7-2001

  Arlanda - Stockholm - Sweden. We are wating to board.

Time 20:30 Swedish time
  We have landed in Crete, and it's so nice feeling this heat coming at you when you leave the plane.

Time is 01:15 Local time
  Day 1

All day long.
  My view all day long.
  First night out. We ended up at this place called Skypark in Platanes.

Åsa is working as an "rep" on Crete, so we where there to visit her.
  Day 2

Meze at Georges Taverna in Rethymnon. DAMN nice food.
Meze is "smal dish'es", and we orded alot of them.
  Mai tai at My Place. A bar in Rethymnon.
  Day 3

The beach in Platanes was like about 7km long. All the way from Rethymnon.
  Beach in Platanes, I have all the things I need. Datormagazin, Snus, Beer
  Just promoting my SETI@Home team...
  Rethymnon's old town, lots of crap to sell to the stupid turists.
  Rethymnon harbour.
  Åsa and her boyfriend George.
  Day 5

We rented a car and went out on trips Saturday-Sunday.
This is the beach in Elafonisi that is on the south/west cost.
  Elafonisi beach.
  On our way back from Elafonisi, we are probly at ~1500 meters over the sea level here.
  Still on our way back from Elafonisi.
  The road's was not what you could call "safe", this is a tunnel in the middle and it's in a curve, so you dont see if someone eals in coming in from the other side. As you can see only one car fits. You would think that they put up some kind of trafic lights one each side, well they did. Do you think they worked? NO, ofcource not.
  If you lean out realy long from the back seat window, this is wat you see.
  This is the poll in at the hotel Grace in Sfakaki.
Damn nice after a long day in the car.
  Sunset at the beach at Georges beach before the BBQ.
  Emma in the sunset.
  George invited us to a BBQ at his place. He have a smack bar at the beach.

Who is the head BBQ master?
  This is Camilla, she workes at George's snack bar in the days.
  BBQ at George's place.
  Day 6

Day two with the car.
We went up the mountain going over to the other side of the island.
  Calm, and hot. The only thing you could hear was like 10 sheep's scream and the bells that they wear around there necks.
  Now I thik we are as high as the rood goes, maby 2500 meters over the water.
  This is in Plakias on the south cost. The water was damn cold but clear on the south side.
  Emma in the clear water in Plakias
  Back at the hotel after a long drive

I think this image is cool, it's taken under the water and up. Im standing on the pool edge.
  Balcony at Grace hotel before dinner.
  This is the view from a nice little restaurang called Fantastico, in the mountain totaly alone above Platanes.
  More view from Fantastico.
  This is so nice. 13,350 for like eveything on the menu with wine and beers, for 4 persons. 13,000:- is like 135SKr or $35.
  Sue to the left is also a rep, friend with Åsa.
  I wanted to order snails at Fantastico, but they did not have it that day. So George's mother had fixed some that I got.
  I have never tryed out snails before, so it was a big tricky. This once was cooked in a nice tomato sauce.
  Beach at George's place.
  I realy hate this shit. Greek zorba... Anyway, it's Sue in the red pants, and to the lest of hers Hellen. The place was called White Lady.
  This is typical me when Im out on a trip. I ran into a friend that I worked with like five month ago. Sara in the yellow t-shirt. It's here brother with the cap. Camilla to the right.
Also at Cafe Greeco.
  Well, as usual, got to have umbrella drinks if you have vacation. This is Cafe Greeco.
  Day 11

This crap again, zorba around the pool. Emma probly had to much to drink or something. This is at a big BBQ that we joined in on.
  The big BBQ that we joined in on. All this people was living at our hotel Harriet in Platanes.
  Day 12

George's place at the beach again. His place is like 20 meters from the water. He is preparing a BBQ for the dutch couple thas was leaving the next day.
  BBQ for the dutch.
  Dutch couple. "G" and Ann
  Cat's everyware. This one was so nice I could take here home. She had one blue and one green eye.
  Dont know if it's the beer or the sun that made my nose THAT red?
  Day 14

Life is to damn nice sometimes.
This is the fourth pool. Åsa had a pool behind her house that we did not know of. Had to try it out.
  Last day swim.
  Well, this was defenetly the biggest pool of them all.
  Moby Dick?
  Åsa in her uniform. This is at the airport in Heraklion (capital of Crete)
  Holy shit if that would have been in Sweden. 36,860:- for some licker and M&M's.
  Inside the plane on our way home. Nice plane with TV's coming down from the ceiling.