Misc images 2
     Mom and dad got them self a new cat. So very cute.
     Mom made KROPPKAKOR for me when I was down on Öland :) Kroppkakor is a traditional Ölands dich. It's raw potatos that you tear into a gray slush. Then you take pork side meat and cut it into small dices. Put the meat in some potato slush, and form it in to a ball. Boil in wather for like an houer. DONE! Serve with butter, cream and lingonberry. The only thing you can drink to this is milk.

It's so damn nice.
     Dad in action at his work.
     Dad in action at his work.
     Developed a film that been in the camera over two yeaars. I like black and white pictures. They have more "sting".

Emmas and my cat Målle.
     My old friend Jens.
     Emma again.
     Me enjoying the sun.
     Emma and me out in the park. The camera took this picture by it self.
     Emma again. I was experementing with alot of diffrent filters infron of the camera, so I have alot of this image. I could not see any difference though.
     More Emma.
     My friend Carl-Johan.
     More Calle.
     Start party at Öland.
     Me and Hanna. We are at our coworkers wedding.
     I wanted a electric guitar, but Emma dident think so. So I had to get something abit smaller.

Like an Ukulele =)
     Im now imagine that it is an electric guitar...
     Got the Ukulele at Jam. They have an samll school on the web that I have to check out.

There is also this site, ukulele.nu