Well, what can I say. I need a bigger table!
     This is from the trip to Malta that I did this summer. Have a look at the text above my head. Humm. How are you supose to get out?

Me on Malta.

Have to drink ambrella drinks if you have vacation.


Also me at Malta.

That was where I spent most of my days. To damn hot to be in the sun.


Me at the bottom, and Danne (TenWatts LKSAB) in the middle (the one that look totaly wasted. We are at a music festival in Hultsfred (Sweden) "some" years ago (93 i think).


Also me and Danne at Hultsfred.

Danne wasted I usual. If Im not totaly wrong I think we look at the band Sator.


Me and Emma. Newyear 2000 to 2001 at Peter L (LKSAB)


Me and Emma. Newyear 1998 to 1999.


Me and Emma. Newyear 1997 to 1998 at Peter L (LKSAB)


Me and Linus (my sisters son) at Grönalund (amusmentpark) in Stockholm

     Image 1.
This is from a crayfish party last summer (2000)
     Image 2.
Crayfish party last summer (2000)
     Image 3.
Crayfish party last summer (2000)
Me and DrWize (LKSAB)
I have no ide who the girl is.
     Image 4.
Crayfish party last summer (2000)
     Image 5.
Crayfish party last summer (2000)
     Image 6.
Crayfish party last summer (2000)
     Image 7.
Crayfish party last summer (2000)
     Image 6.
Crayfish party last summer (2000)
They tricked me, Im allmost normal.
     Left - Loco (LKSAB)
Right - SpaceLord (LKSAB)
     Well... Humm...
It's me and my old car.

The only car I ever had (not anymore though)
I can only say that I have overtaking a Lamborghini whit it.
No bull!

And NO the Lamborghini was not parked.
     This is the big 1 meter telescope in Saltsjöbaden.
I was there this spring 2001 and had a chans to "play". :)
It's a Cassegrain telescope but it has it's CCD cam in primery focus, so...
     Emma... She looks like a dork :) hehehe
     Me at a young age. It would have been nice to still have that smal Honda.
But I guess it doesent matter, I dont have a motorcycle drivers license. So.
     The thinker.

DAMN, it's not many photos of me when Im "normal".
     This is from Andreas (Jois LKSAB) and Lenas wedding last summer (2000).
A nice wedding at the beach.
     I realy like this picture, it's almost unreal. But I have not changed the colors or anything. It almost looks like if they was in a studio.
     Time to unrap the presents.
     Group photo.
     This is Sverker and his girl friend. Sverre is one of my old school buddies.
The picture is from Öland some years ago, maby 1993. Think it is at Strand Hotell in Borgholm.
     This is Linda, one of the girls I work with.
     This is the last meeting this season with STAR (Stockholms amateur astronomy's). We had a BBQ. :)
     Got some more images from the trip to Malta last year. I had a underwater camera that had been in a drawer for a hole year.
     Emma in the pool.
     Splash again.
     This is from one out of like 3 beach's that Malta have. Every thing eals is rook.
     It's starting to get full here. There are 4 layers of movies in each row.