Hornet - Damage Report - Misc
Yes I crashed it again.
This time it's the geer that give the tailrotor it's spin. But I have thos geers at home so no worrys.
Did land hard sometimes, and this is the result of that. The tailboom fin is almost broken of. But locktight can fix that.
Here is the part of the tailboom that broke. But I have flown it after that and it works just fine.
Here is another damage on the main rotorblade. But that does just make it sound cool.

It's one tough heli
Moved the gyro. The heli did get some wird twitches and this movement of the gyro helped it.
Speed controler solded on to the motor.
Tail rotor geers
This is a nice charger. It have both 12V and 220V input. You can set the amp range from 0.5-5 A
It does not uncharge batterys, but that is usaly not a problem, because I charge the batterys then they are empty. =)