Building a Hornet

When I opend the box that the Hornet come in, it's not much inside at first look.
Here I have started to cut out the plastic body to the right.
Started masking the windows.
Also made a hole for the mounting.
Made a painting rack for all parts that is going to be painted. I used an old Kyosho Mini-Z body box for that.
Here is the main cassi and landing geer put together. It's not hard to follow the manual, but I had to be cairfull because almost all parts is glued together with locktight.
Tailbom done. This must have been the hardest part to get right. So many parts that move and they have to move smooth.
Rotor and tailbom.
Here Im about to solder on the speedcontroler card on the motor.
Speedcontroler on place.
It's starting to look like an helicopter. I put on all the servos and electronics.
Finaly with the body on. Just some electronics left to conect.
I got a 12V batterycharger to this helicopter, and I wanted to be able to use it at home in the 220V. So I used an old PC ATX power supply. It worked nice, but I gave it up after I got a new chager that had a 220 and a 12V conection.
Radio that Im going to use. I had that from my other helicopter (Ergo30).
This is not my first try. I had my Hornet with me to work, so here Im flying or trying to fly in TV4's studio one.
I did crash that day sevral times, but nothing happend. The helicopter is so light, it's only 290 grams with battery incl.
But I did crash a little to hard one time, was up maby two meters in the air and did fly in to the wall. I broke of one of the /\ on the motor geer.