Hobby Show 2002 - Stockholm - 1-3/11-2002

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So it's time for the Hobby Show again.
Kyosho was on site.

The Mini-z Overland was the only new thing they could show. But it was not even a working model so... Would have been fun to see it in action.
Mad force 3 steep geerbox.
They did have a small test track for the mini-z.
Futaba had a monter.
Miniracingbolaget was there and showed all GPM's options.

Miniracingbolagets homepage.
Wentzels was there. Had some nice offers on the mini-z.
They also had the Tamiya tanks.
People could try our to race... It was distruction derby...
MTFA was there showing there dragracing cars.

Link to there homepage.
Here they are building a new dragracer.
This is the plane that make alot of noice in the movie.
Big and nice jet planes.
Im not that much for this train shit. It feels like 1980's or something. How fun can it be?
Well, they put alot of work in to it anyway.
This whole train track fits in this case. If it would be me I would close it and put it on the attic...
Old radios. =)
Tamiya was there. Mostly models, and not that much RC.
But they did have there cool tanks there.
This dude was flying outside every houer.
Here they are cutting out wings in frigolit. They use a wire with a 12V current on it so it gets hot.
This huge model plane was the biggest there.
I would have loved to see this one in action.
Ahh, a Hornet. =)
Slow flyer. Amazing that it can stay up so long. The prop is turning very slow.
Big boats.
This was cool. It's a motor that runs with the help of a small flame on the glas tube. Dont ask me how it works.
Here they have put this cool motor in a car.
DAMN kids, they was shoting toy guns at the heli. If I would have been the dude that was flying the heli, I would have opend a can of whoopass on them.
Here is a crazy norwegian dudes coffey table. He put a whole train set in it.

Here is his homepage.
This is the side vire where all the controles is hidden.
Femtedelen was there to show some nice 1:5 cars and trucks.

Link to there homepage.
This was almost the only thing I got here. Well, I got two...

Fit Racer
Proxxon was there so I just had to get my self some new tools.
You can never have to much tools.