Philip in Hong Kong - Report #1

- Race from Hong Kong (3.4 MB AVI) - From one out of more than 30 tracks thay they have.

Here are some images that I got from my new friend Philip in Hong Kong
They have had the Ferrari body for some time now. If you locked at the movie you can see that most people use the Ferrari body.
Philip made the spoiler himself.
Is it a Viper in the back...
There have been more than 30,000 Mini-Z cars sold in Hong Kong.

A ready-set selling price is around US$81, bodys from US$12.5 to 22.5.
Philip is to the left.
Here is a tip that Philip and his friend come up with, to make you Mini-Z go realy fast.

We order from Japan Hitachi the parts no FET 3006, because Japan Kyosho also use Hitachi FET 3004, we solder remove 3004, and then solder in new FET 3006 10pcs, then the high speed will increase to 38km/h.
Philips car
Philips car