Minicooler Fridge

When I saw this little fridge I just had to get it.

The same series comes in this version and a smaller one. But the smaller one could only fit 4 cans, and that is to small.
So I whent for the "bigger" one. It can hold 14 liters.
It does not contain any compressor. This fan in the bottom cooles a peltier plate. This does not make that much noice as a normal compressor.
Because it use a peltier you have the possibility to also use this "fridge" as a heat "oven"... Well, thats not exactly true, but you can get it up to 65 degres Celsius.
There are cables for both 220V and 12V, so you could use it in your boat or trailer.
There is a shelf in the middel that you can have there or not.
NOT! I cant get my beers in, so it has to go.
I realy like the old kind of style.
Everything I need when Im at my computer.

Beer, of cource.
General Snus (Swedish snuff)
Mountain Dew
And a Coke...
Had to reorganice my desk. This is just temporary.
Perfect, and it's realy cool inside. It can get 20 degres lower than ambiant.
Even though it's 30+ in my appartment it nice and cool inside my fridge.

8 degres Celsius.