Fish gratin with tomatos and cream
I think it's hard to make fish good. But this is realy easy to make and it taste just greate!

Take any deepfrozen fish you can find at the store. I think this is cod. Cut the fish block up in to 4-5 pices, and put them in to a oven safe form.
Add crean around the fish, and put in some cocktail tomatos. I also add alittle herbsalt and some tomato mix that normaly should be used for bruchetta... Anyway, you can add what ever spice's you like.

25-30 minutes at 200 degrees. That makes the tomatos just perfect and the fish is nice and done. Put it in at the same time you start with the rice, because that is what I use to this dish. You could use potator to, but I dont like that.
Serve with a beer!