Getting pinball machines 2-6    

    So I got some new pinball machines.

Black Rose
Judge Dredd
Mousin' Around! that turned out to be a Party Animal...

    Inside of my Black Rose.

    Blomman also got some new pinball machines. This is Firepower. One of the first games that talked.


    Here are some of my and Blommans junk that have to be fixed up.

    Jugde Dredd.

    I dident get the display going. Saw that two zenerdiods was missing on the controller card.

    So a quick call to Flipper Doktorn and that problem was solved.

    Diods on place

    Judge Dredd had been on for maby five minuters I heard a large boom in the other room. Black smoke was coming out of the top box.

Turned out that this huge condensator had blown.

    Here is the plastic that normaly is over the condensator...