Power Controle Box

This controle box is just something I put together to have alittle more controle of what Im doing.

Im lazy and curious so I want to know how much amps I take out of my power supply.

This box is made so I have both 5V and 12V out of it. If I connect something to the connectors that have screws on them (to the right) I can select if I want 5V or 12V out of them. I also get out the reading on the displays. Have a switch for the two amps meter, start on 5A and can switch to the 1A meter if the current is low. If I find a amp meter that goes even lower Im going to put it in to. It's hard to see if it's 20mA or 30mA on this once.

The two other outputs I have, the connectors that dont have screws on them is strate 5V and 12V out without any indications.
Im trying to build up my own little lab at home, but it's damn expencive to have all kinds of components at home. So Im taking it step by step. Now I have a table that I dont need to clean if Im done or not, like befor when I used the kitchen table...
Click here to get a bigger version on the blueprint.

Im no master in drawing this things so hope you understand.

Got most of the parts to this from Clas Ohlson
This must have been the hardest part. To get nice cutouts for everything. Whant it to look nice to.
Used a mill tool to take out the larger parts, and a file to make them be perfect.
Hocking up things was not that hard, but trying to get the damn screw nut's on place was hard in the tight spots.
Ground sopot got crowded.
I like the result.
This is my standard ATX power supply that Im going to use for my laborations.
Have done some modifications to it.