8/11-2001 - Construction of track  
We have started to build profiles for curves and strate track parts.
This is the curves, 1x1 meter.
Here is the strate parts, everything is the same so we easily can put together a nice track.
We put pipes at the end of the waterhose so we can use the waterhose as conections betwine parts.
More curves.
We put a distance betwine the pipes and the wood, so it would flex alittle when you hit it with the cars. If they would have been agains the wood directly it would have been to hard and the cars would have taken alot of beating.
Construction going on.
We use dubble hoses and pipes so you dont go over when you hit it.
Pipes that we just have pre drilled holes in. They are going to be on the wood parts later.
Rivet mashine that we use to hold the plastic parts and the hose together with.
McDonalds time. Got to have something to eat.
Wood I guess...
Alot of talk and no action.
Yeah, yeah... I know Im good looking :)
Extreamly good looking...
The 90 degre pipes are good for this. Two of them and we have a nice soft corner.
More testing.
Starting to look good.
I think it looks cool.
And it works damn good to.
Well, that it, more images to come.