Water Cooling System #2
It's been som damn hot in my apartment this summer so if I want to play I have to do it at night.
Maby I should get one of thos peltier plates.
Got some more pitures of my first system.

Here is the CPU block.
Hole in the front so more air can flow through the box.
Like I said befor, the fan on the VIA ship broke down after getting to much cat hair in it.

So I just put a new fan on to of that one.
I took away the resistor from the GeForce cards fan, and DAMN it makes alot more noice after that...
The resistor.
Took away the internal fan that was in teh powersupply and put a new silent one there instead. But it was abit to big to fit inside the power supply, so this is well, not nice, but it works.
Radiator + fan that is mounted in the side of the chaseie
Moved the pump so it would not touch the chasie
The box comes from Elfa.
I put alot of silicon around everything so the tank would be sealed.