Water Cooling System
Parts all over the place.

I was thinking my AMD 1400 MHz was making to much noice, so I orded some parts to make it silen.

Curt is helping me here.

Parts I orded:
1. Black Ice Prime Radiator - Radiator
2. Danger Den Maze1C - CPU block
3. Eheim 1048 - Water pump
4. Enermax Fan 120mm - Fan for the radiator
5. Tt Crystal Orb + resistor to make it go slower - Fan for the Geforce 2 ULTRA card
- Got a watertank from a friend at work, and some nipples for the hose in a plumber stoor.

I orded all the parts from Tj Computer and Kylning.com
Starting to put water in the system. I used regular tap water. If I would have gotten some I would have put some kind of anti alga cemical inside it to. But I cant wait untill I got hold of that.

Well, I have to do something, because the system did not get a silent as I would have hoped for. And my case is way to small, not even the powersupply can fit inside any more, and that probly makes some extra noice.

I got my CPU temp down to 40 degrees Celsius full load, so I guess something good came out of all this.
Update 8/6-2002
So the summer heat came this year to.

It's now 30 degrees celsius in my appartment, and the temp is alittle higher than I want it to be.
This is in idle mode, CPU up to 45°C
Here on full load CPU is up to 46°C.
But I have seen it up to 48°C

Have to do something about this, because if I start a game so the GX card have to work alot, the computer is going to crash eventualy. So now I only can play in the middle of the night when the temp desend just a little.
Update 10/6-2002
Think I found out why my computer crashed. Opend up the box and saw that the fan that is on the MB blowing on the VIA chip was broken, or to much cat hair. Put another fan on to of that one, because I dident have the right size at home.

Also put a extra fan in the back of the computer that suck air out.
Opend one extra 5.25" in the front.
Turned up the speed on the Enermax Fan.

Hope this will help me some. But now it sounds like an jetplain again. =(
Gona do some gaming now and see if it workes...