My CNC Mill Project
Start of projcet 2007-11-17

    Starting with the controller card.

This is the first card and it's parts.

Got this kit from my friend Jojje at

    U1 - 7805 - +5V
U2 - 7812 - +12V

Jumper set to J3
J3 gives AuX3 on pin17 in the d-sub.
J4 gives +5V on pin 17.

    I exchanged the pins for the one with support at both ends to get extra support for the other cards.

    Driverboard for x, y or z

MS1 MS2 Res
ON ON 1/1
OFF ON 1/2
ON OFF 1/4
OFF OFF 1/16

    All cards done.

    Here is a pic of the help of the extra support from the pins.

    Well, thatīs done.

    Mounted a coling fan today.

    OK, starting to put together the wooden parts.

    Im gluing this this two parts together.

    And wait 4 houers...

    Gluing this this three parts together...

    And wait another 4 houers...

    More things to glue.

    More waiting.

    How fucking blind can you get? I glued this part on the wrong side... MORON!

    Made a new part.

    Gluing that one on the RIGHT side. Leaving the wrongly placed part for now.

    OK, this could not go wrong, there is no gluing involved.

    YES IT CAN... I was drilling the holes a little deeper because the screws hit the bottom. And it cracked. So more glue!


    OK, so far so good...

    More Glue!



    Glued and ready.



    Made small cutts in the bearing holder to hold them in place.

    Things are coming together...


    Had to file down the nut alittle.

    Had to put some spacers to lift up the motor. The two axels was hitting eachother and if I had lowerd the threadscrew I would not have been able to attach the tubing/hose.


    Starting to come together.