Boomer in San Diego - Report #1

My new friend Boomer in San Diego have sent me some pictures of his new toys.

This is the Konami, Micro iR Combat DigiQ.

Comes in two versions:
The German Panther Type G and Russian Medium Tank

- VIDEO - This video Copyright by Dinball @ 2002
There are alot of setings that I realy dont know all of them.
It's controled with IR and not via radio.
Charge it by puting it one the "radio"
In combat mode you can shoot eachother and a red light will flash underneath to indicate if you get hit.
Think the German tank have been hit, and now spining out of controle.
Boomer looking kind of crazy... Or troubled =)
He also got a new HPI Sprint Mercedes.
This his two Peugeot Mini-Z bodies and a micro racer I guess...