My Blue Mercedes
I put some work in to this painting.

Started with cleaning the car raly good with washing-up liquid.
Masking all the parts that's not going to get the paint on it.

!!! Important !!!
Dont touch the car after the washing-up liquid. Then you put fat on the car again and the paint won't stick as good.
Painted the car in this nice blue shade. Let that paint dry for one day.
Removed all the masking tape.
Put on all the decals and lights and stuff like that.
Painted on the clear coating vannich (Klarlack på Svenska). Let it dry for one day.
Starting to put on all the detail that was not on during the clear coating vannich (Klarlack på Svenska)

Heated a paper clip...
... to melt down the plastic "pegs".
Whala! Totaly OK! =)
Result after one evnings racing...
Dident take that much beating as my red one did though.