Getting my first pinball - Twilight Zone    

    So here we go again...

My friend Blomman was going to this place to pick up a Phoenix cab. But when we came there it was a Pace Firebird. A game I never heard of, but it was cool. Alot like Phoenix.

There was also a Terminator 2 arcade there that we booked, or we booked two of them. =)


    When we where there to pick up the cab, I saw all this pinball machines that I just had to have. Pick them up later.

    OK, anyway. Next stop on the list was Blomman that was going to pick up two more arcades. It just happend to be one Arkanoid orginal PCB and a NeoGeo.

    Stupid me should not have agreed to help out. Saw a Twilight Zone that was wispering "Buy me". So OK I had to get it. Well, it's been high on my wanted list for a long time. Why wait?

    Finaly back at out hangout where we fix up all crap that we buy. Was happy playing on my new Pinball...

    ... and there goes the dot matrix display. DAMN IT!

    Display driver card was probably messed up...

    Called Flipper Doktorn at about 23:00. He told us to come over with the card. He fixed it right away. Was a zener diod that broke.

    He had a realy nice Tempest standing there that we had to test out.

    Flipper Doktorn had some cards that he needed to test out, so when he heard that Blomman got a Time Warp he taged along back to our place. When he was there he fixed Blommans broken Time Warp. Every one happy.

    So now we got two working pinball machines up and running.

    Here are some of our working machines in place.