Tinker Night    

    I realy had to do something about my controle panel for my Centipede.

    This just looks tacky...

    So I orded some parts from Arcadeshop.

This is new berings and rolls for the trackball.


    Lets open her up...

    The rollers are realy warn, and the berings have rust on them.

    Here are new and old together. You can see the diffrance on the rollers. Im amazed over how much the ball can eat on the steel rollers.

    Cleaned the housing and put in the new stuff.

    Also got a new ball, the old one did look alittle sad.



    Now to the controll panel. Did go over it with a fine sandpaper, and wiped it off with a solvent.

    Here is a new reproduction of the original Centipede overlay.

    Holes was pre cut so it was easy to remove.

    Made two cuts on the back.

    So I could remove just a thin line of glue.

    Fited it over the holes.

    Then removed the large peace of protection paper.

    Was realy easy to apply.

    And looks damn nice.

    Cleand the cone buttons and put in a new fire button.



    Excanged the leaf button for a Happ button with microswitches. Yeah, I know it's a butt rape on an old Atari cab, but I like Happ buttons. OK!

    Back on the cab.



    The color of the new overlay is alittle darker, so the blue is normaly more babyblue, but I think I like this one better.

    Blomman got hold of a Pole Position.

    Nice shape.


    Blomman is extra happy today. Because he fixed his new love. Battle Zone...

    Vector screen, black/white.

    Keys have to have there own keychain.

    Very cool that they used filter over the black and white screen to make the game in color.

    Hit me!

    Rubber feet for my pinball... Want more of this.

    Had to move a pinball machine to one of my stores. I was having an urge to play at work to.