Tinker night    

    Had some problems with my Judge Dredd. The game did not see any balls in the game. Took out the card that register the balls in the machine. The resistors was a joke, so I replaced them all. Now it works fine.

    This cant be right. This plastic parts are from Doctor Who.

    This is bad. Have to see what I can do about that.

    I was missing the plastic part that should be on top of this whirlthinge.

    So I tryed to make my own. Dident know how the orginal peace looked at the time. So I drew this one.

    Fits nice after first cut out.

    Totaly ok. Better that not haveing anything there. Because the ball jumps out some times.


    Im missing a part here on my Twister game...


    Humm... Can this be right. This battery is only on 3V, and normaly there are 3x1.5V AA batterys there.

    Owr new e-prom burner.