Visit at Sotarns Bonanza.    

    So Me, UncleTom (UT), Mungo and Blomman whent down to Írebro and Sotarns Bonanza, for a gathering with alot of other arcade freaks.

VoDkA, Blomman, Sticky, Sotarn, Mungo, Madness, UT

    When we came, alot of stuff changed hands.
UT got something nice in a package.

    Where is the hotdogs?

NGAES, Vodka, Sticky, Mungo, Blomman


    Mungo and Kagoshi is playing BadLands.

    Sotarns gameing room.

    Outside the gaming room.


    Sotarn had a pinball machine in another room. Tobiase and Blomman tryed all day to get it started.

Tobiase, Blomman, Madness and Reddukun


    Cleanest pinball machine I ever seen.

    Tobiase, Blomman, Reddukun

    C=64 and two Tac-2 joysticks... Memorys...

    Dont get this type of batterys... They are cheep for a reson...

    UT had about 10-15 hotdogs befor the day was over.

UT, Johey and NGAES

    Nize got a box of toys from Japan, everyone had to have a look at all the Nintendo stuff.

    Sotarn, VoDkA, Johey och Gulrim

    Ut and Kagoshi put in a new controller card in one of Sotarns arcades.

    Johey Kagoshi, Mungo

    Sotarn had a nice Gauntlet.

    Zyzox with girlfrined Anette

    Gulrim and Nize

    Eriks friend, Sotarn, Eriks, Anette, Gulrim, Eriks friend

    Madness, NGAES and Mdungan







    Blomman lighting up the last cigarett befor we head back to Stockholm.

    Fuled up when I got back to stockholm... Just so you know...

    Back in the garage I had to try out one of my new games. Green Beret.