This is so typical me. Was about to go get this Arkanoid cab. And when I got there to pick it up, I saw two other cabs that I had to get...

    Have been an old Tempest machine. To bad they distroyed that one. The front sign is busted by some moron.

    This is the second cab I got. An old Centipede machine. But it came with Arkanoid...

    The sign was nice tho.

    And theres no fault on the glass ether. Some burnins on the screen tho.


    Here is a machine that I been told is an Atari cab. More than I know, but if he said so...
It's a damn nice cab with an easy turneble screen.

Dident start up, think it's the powersupply that have given up, because the gameboard works fine, and the screen sounds like it worming up.

This cab is realy easy to flip the screen in. Click here for a video - DivX

    Came with a NeoGeo 2-slot motherboard and Neo Bomberman

    Controlbox in the Atari cab.