Pinball party at Öland/Kalmar    

    OK, so I had alittle vacation on Öland as usual. Some pf us pinball freaks had to meet up and make an evening out of it.

Stefan, Mats and Anders. (Maby should add that Stefan is probably more known as "Dan Beckman" if you seen the movie that Mats and he did.)

    We started out at Mats place, and had us alittle competition.

This two games was the latest in Mats collection.

    Competition continued in Mats basment where he got a nice collection of games.

    Mats long search for an AFM is over.

    Mats daughter Tilda playing on the Mame arcade.


    Need food. DAMN I miss thos pizzas from Öland.
I never had a pizza with French fries on it befor... =)

    And Anders had a pizza with tortilla chips on it...

    Took a cab in to Kalmar for a refrechment stop at Stefans place.

    His newest pinball. T2!


    But he also got two damn nice games in another room.





    Got a ride with Anders wife in to towm. We stoped at this hellhole.

    Played Popeye. I never played it befor, and I never will... DAMN that game sucked ass.



    WFT! Another AFM is not what we want to see, and Flintstones was standing on the other hellhole. I can just say to Nöjab... VARIATIONS IS NICE!!!