Fixing up Marble Madness    

There was some rust on the speakercover.
    So I had to grind that down and paint it.
    Yeah, Im picky. Sometimes alittle to picky.
After the nice result I got on my Centipede I wanted to fix the MM panel aswell. But gradually Im starting to regret that.
    OK, on with the trackballs, they needed some fixing up. There is old and rusty berings and rollers.
    So out with thos and in with new once.
    Orded new transparent balls.
    This is going to be cool. Right now Im just holding my flashlight under it. but Im going to put LED's under it later.
    OK, the panel... It was not that bad but I had already orded a new panel overlay from They have had nice paneloverlays befor so I dident hesitate about the MM panel.

My misstake.
    Here is the new overlay in place. It's not the same quality as befor. It's crap!

It should be this like rough surface but this it totaly wrong, it's like a fucking shiny plastic sticker. It even got some scrach marks from putting it on. I cant imagine what it will look like after some years of playing.

I would never have changed it if I hadent already removed the original one.