Fujita Communications Order    

    Orded some stuff from Fujita in Japan. I can realy recomend them. They are fast and nice to talk to. + they have a greate assortment of games.

So what did the 11 Kg box contain?
Naomi 2 setup with GD-Rom and I/O card and all cables.
Naomi - Virtua Striker 3, Power Stone, Beach Spiker, Sports Jam. Taito F3 Landmaker with MB.
Taito G-Net Ray Cricis and Otenami Haiken 2 + MB.

I also orded a GD-Rom setup for a friend.

    Finaly I got hold of a G-Net MB for my games. I never buy games befor I get a MB again. Oh the pain...

    Naomi 2 setup.


    Virtua Striker 3. Im not a big fan of sports games but I think I can kill some houser with this game.

    Orded some stuff from Fujita in Japan.