Picking up two Cabaret and some PCBs in Eskilstuna    

    So here we go again...

We whent to Eskilstuna to look at a Tempest PCB.
Meet up with some dudes from AT.

    Came down to a basment where this dudes hade there gaming room. Blomman lookes at this Tempest card, and as usual it dident stop there...

    Two of the guys was more in to this dancing machine that anything else... It was alittle gay, but who cares. ;)

    Alot of junk in one small space.

    An old Astero cab.

    Terminator looked at this Cabaret for the last time...

    Some nice pinball machines.

    So what is this? We was only going to get a Tempest PCB...

    Nooo, Cabaret in to the Volvo...

    A nice working Centipede.

    What a hell, another Cabaret found it's way in to the trunk of the Volvo.


    Arkanoid PCB

    Blomman had to ride raggarbil... =)


    Stoped at Billy Boys kebab place. It was nice.

    Stoped by Terminators place.
He had a eraly nice gaming room in his basment.

    Dr. Who

    Some slotmachines.

    Space Station. Nice game!

    And a bar.

    Had to try and win back some money, but no.

    243.5 kilometers later and we are back in Stockholm.


    So... One Tempest PCB turned in to:
Two Cabaret cabs. One with Centipede and one with Arkanoid.
One Tempest PCB
One extra Centipede PCB
One Asteroids PCB
Manuals and some extra powersupplys.

    Centipede and Tempest PCB


    Arkanoid cab.

    Blomman happy as hell over finding this Tempest PCB. But we dont know if its working yet.

    The monitors in the Cabarets cabs was DAMN nice. Focus was 100%.

    Inside of my Twiligt Zone pinball. =)