Got hold of a super nice marquee - Space Duel.
     Har to figure out a nice way to put in light, because they look asum with a little light on them.
     Orded some transparent joystickballs with bubbles.
     Got this because I want to put in House of the dead in it..
     Got hold of two new cabs that I wanted for some time.

The Rene Pierre have a rotatible screen.
     Found an old foto of boys room back at ~1991.

My first arcade is standing in the background - Ghosts 'n Goblins.
    Marble Madness =)

    Got hold of some nice marquee's.

    Finaly I got hold of a Defender. Going to fix it, because it got ram problems...

    Check out the serial number on Twinklestar Sprites... Well, if it wasent a bootleg...

    Starting to get tight of space again...

    Got a realy nice small monitor from Uncletom. Going to use it for a test rig.

    Naomi I/O Card, got it at a nice price on E-bay.

    My MGCD, prefect tool for playing DC games in the cabb.

    Ordered some Happ buttons from USA.

    Games I play right now.

    I took one of this testers that was attached to alot of my games and installed it in the cab. directly to the powersupply. Now I can see if 5V and 12V is ok without measure it with a multimeter.

    All my CPS2 games -1. 1 is still in the arcade.

    Need to sell of alot of PCB's because I dont have room for them. It look like the Tycon family lives here now.

    Got a new fluorescent lamp for my candy.

    Cleard out some crap from my shelf to get room for my MVS games.

    Capcom got a new place to.

  Had to rearange my play-room to get the arcades in there.

    Tilda desperatly trying to see over the controles. She is jumping up and down when I play. =)

    Extra controle card attached to alot of my games. It check so the voltage is ok.

    JAMMA Connection in my Capcom

    Sound Connectors

    I have had alot of strange things happening in my cab, here there are things connected that should not be there at all.

    When I measure the voltage it's so strange that nothing should work...

    Realiced that my power supply is fucked up totaly. Connected a PC power supply and it worked better, but it dident have the strength for all games.

    Anthor64 was so amazed that he had to take a picture. =)

    Better to start all over and get it right. Never let a moron to work on your cab....

    This 25 pin is connected to all joysticks and buttons.

    Old one out, in with the new.

    Got a new power supply from anthor64

I also put in some new buttons so I can controle coin 1 & 2 and Test.