Got a low number on my Neo Turf Master
    IGS PGM system

Do Don Pachi II and Demon Front

    Metal SLug 5
    My first SNK MVS game

    Got some more MVS games.

Art of Fighting
Fatal Fury
World Heroes

    More MVS titles.
    CPS2 Games
    Quiz & Dragons

The Punisher
    Sega ST-V - Winter Heat
    CPS2 games

1944: The Loop Master
Street Fighter II
    Dark Stalkers
Night Warriors: Dark Stalkers' Revenge
X-Men: Children Of The Atom
    Super Street Fighter II
Ring Of Destruction: Slam Masters II
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower Of Doom
    X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
Armored Warriors
    Alien Vs. Predator
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
Super Puzzle Fighter II X
    Vampire Savior: The Lord Of Vampire