30 Year Birthday Party / Housewarming Party
Emma shuffling snow from the balcony, so all the beer can stand there and get nice and cold.
Veronica and Maris, dont know what size they are mesuaring.
Georgo came in late after working to 23:00.
Peter is having fun =)
Monica and Lotta is taking a break on the balcony... I tend to get nice and worm inside when 25 people get to gether in a small appartment.
Dont know if Eric is drunk or tired.
Devil himself.
Nina and Martin
Tina, Thomas and Curt.
In Sussies mind -Damn im starting to get tired now...
Veronica and Jan.
Målle came out of the closet after maby 8 houers.
Kalle, Curt and Jonas.
Some wine, Campari, frame, comic book, garlic and a book about garlic, movie tickets, cakeform, a gift certificate at a 1000SEK that I only can use for a RC 1:5 Truck, a basket with alot of useful things, and more.
Also got this gift certificate that is for a flying test lesson. =)
Also got this nice olive tree.
Out side my bedroom window. Realy nice. Yeah , I know this does not have anything to do with this party. It just ended up here.